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Pasar Badung

Pasar Badung merupakan pasar tradisional terbesar di Kota Denpasar. Pasar ini terletak di Jl. Gajah Mada, ± 1 km ke arah barat dari Pusat Kota Denpasar (Patung Catur Muka). Pasar Badung menyediakan berbagai macam kebutuhan, baik itu kebutuhan pokok, makanan tradisional, barang-barang seni khas Bali dan sebagainya.

Pasar Badung banyak dikunjungi oleh wisatawan, disamping mereka dapat menyaksikan proses jual beli dari pedagang kepada pembeli yang masih terkesan tradisional dimana terdapat transaksi tawar menawar, adanya tenaga suun (membawa barang dagangan) dan sebagainya, mereka juga dapat menikmati wisata kuliner tradsional dan membeli aneka barang kerajinan khas Bali.

Pasar Badung memiliki waktu operasional setiap hari dimana buka dari pagi dini hari hingga larut malam. Bahkan dapat dibilang bahwa pasar ini tidak pernah sepi akan pengunjung karena waktu operasional hampir mencapai 24 jam sehari.

Denpasar Traditional Market is a center of town's economics which is located in Gajah Mada Street, that is main road and become a shopping centre of Bali. This traditional market is apposite to the village temple that is one of three biggest temples in Denpasar. It is initially does not as big as like now because have changed experiences and modification which is adapting to the requirement and town growth. This market cannot be discharged from the existence of an existing market in the cross Badung's river that is called Kumbasari Market because the local society will feel incompletely go for shopping if they are not come to Kumbasari Market, especially for the Balinese who want to buy the ceremony items.

Kumbasari Market
Denpasar Market is a market selling the costume and clothing items with the prices are relative cheaper than clothing items sold at the shops in Gajah Mada Street which are most owned by citizen of Chinese clan. Kumbasari Market is previously called by Peken Payuk (pot market), it sell the items from gerabah /jar like pot, pengedangan, cubek (plate from land), paso (pail from land), caratan (water jug from land), jeding (barrel from land), penyantokan (mixer from land), coblong (cup from land), kekeb (rice cover) and others. All of these items are the kitchenware and also the items for ceremony. Since this market most popular as a place to sell payuk/pot, hence Kumbasari Market in the past referred as Peken Payuk or pot market. But now it sell the material or art items for tourist therefore it is one of tourist destinations in Denpasar Town. 
Denpasar Market is opened on 24 April 1984 by Bali 's Governor, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. Then after experiencing of the fire accident, it has been repaired in year 2000 at that moment Bali 's Governor is Mr. Dewa Made Berata. This market owns the broadness about 14.544 M² and broadly park 9064 M² which is built in four floors. The local people who go for shopping at this market are not only from environment of Denpasar community but also come from outside of town. The moment before the big holiday like Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi and others, this market is always crowded by the buyer which are most of them the local society. 
Opening Time

Denpasar Market is opened at 5 o'clock in the morning and close at 5 o'clock in the evening. Then, it is changed by the evening market opened from 05:00 pm until at 05:00 am the day after. Meanwhile at Senggol Market in Kumbasari is opened at 02:00 pm and closed at 11:30 pm. The unique of Senggol Market's name is possibility taken away from the situation and condition of people movement on shopping where they each others jog because of visitor denseness. This Senggol Market is selling the variety of food, from the cheap Balinese, Javanese and Chinese cookery. It is also sell the various types of clothes from adult until children one. 
Denpasar Market is encircled by shop along the street of Gajah Mada, in the right side there is Sulawesi Street which is famous of cloth items. Denpasar Traditional Market is progressively strengthening the identity of a center of Denpasar's economics which is opened within 24 hours and never silent by visitor.

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